v6.35 DATE
  • Removed the bullet from newsgroups.
  • Added a note on CBC news. There RSS stopped showing dates, so this means it displays 12/31/1. It still gets current up to date news.
  • Fixed credit page displaying incorrect text color.
  • Updated The Blocked page.
  • Kinda fixed the search it yourself cursor on mobile devices. Still shows a border and I have code against showing it but it's not working. At least the curser now shows.
v6.34 Sat Mar 23 Year 2019 Time 10:54:39 am
  • Thanks to FeedEK updating the API, the news is back. So FeedRss.js and FeedRssNoScroll.js is updated.
  • Fixed Copyright Logo all pages.
v6.33 Thu Mar 29 Year 2018 Time 9:32:00 am
  • Added Shop/Donate and Menu icon to the top bar on the home page. The site makes nothing so a bit of support form either or goes a long way!
v6.32 Wed Mar 28 Year 2018 Time 12:41:50 pm
  • Fixed the random Google links. Global Fix
  • Fixed Wikipedia Search
  • Fixes below are for Search page only.
  • Fixed the contact link going to the old website cyberationmicro that no longer exists. It now sends you to the correct contact page on
  • I Hope I fixed the annoying page jumps on the search input on the search page.
  • Added some search bars in the sidebar because the main search sucks for images.
v6.31 Fri Dec 8 Year 2017 Time 12:03:59 pm
  • Updated HTML Builder.
v6.30 Mon Aug 28 Year 2017 Time 11:29:14 pm
  • Fixed URL redirect for SearchItYourself.
  • Fixed News Feeds
  • NBL/Boxing/Horse Racing
v6.29 Wed Aug 16 Year 2017 Time 12:46:31 pm
  • Changes below are for the Home page Search Bar Selectors.
  • Added Search
  • Changed Google Search to Google Image Search.
v6.28 Wed Jul 5 Year 2017 Time 12:57:42 am
  • Updated HTML Builder. TinyMCE Version 4.5.2 to 4.6.4
  • This fixes some annoying issues it had before.
v6.27 Wed Jun 14 Year 2017 Time 10:47:51 am
  • Fixed small issue with Autocomplete menu showing the wrong text colour on tool pages.
v6.26 Thu Jun 8 Year 2017 Time 10:53:43 pm
v6.25 Wed Jun 7 Year 2017 Time 11:09:29 am
  • Today is the day that is finally on a real server. I'm so happy to see that my hardwork has made it this far. It's no longer dependent on
  • This means that I can now use PHP. The site will get even better overtime now.
  • All pages set for the new server.
  • I know some bug fixes are needed from the autocomplete. I'll fix them later.
v6.24 Mon May 8 Year 2017 Time 12:59:25 pm
  • Changed out search bar slider on main page.
  • This slider was too far gone and has been switched out with another type. Now the search bars won't look broken on load.
  • Changelog version and data titles look a bit more modern.
  • New SearchThat engine icon has been created. Looks nice and clean.
  • If you are using the standalone app on Android or iOS delete it and create it again to see the new icon.
  • If you need to know how to do that: Just go to the help page and the instructions are there.
  • IE 9 cannot use the new input slider. So it redirects to classic
  • Themes Updated
  • Weather built in has API issues. I disabled it for now and the page redirects to The Weather Network
v6.23 Mon Apr 24 Year 2017 Time 12:43:40 pm
  • Tweaked the green theme and made it more dark back in some locations.
  • Fixed search results from going over the column on smaller width sizes.
  • Mobile version is back on the server: Forgot to add it back.
  • Removed footer on mobile.
  • Sitemap has been updated and also now has Robot text links: The idea is for other search engines to also index other pages of searchthat to the results.
v6.22 Wed Apr 19 Year 2017 Time 8:10:43 pm
  • Tweaked the text size on To Do List in Tools.
  • Created Dark Purple Theme
  • Created Dark Green Theme
  • Created Site Links Page
  • Created Browser Info Tools Page
  • Created Weather Page
  • Updated Control Menu Links and theme tabs
  • Updated Classic link in drop down menu on main page.
  • Updated Toolbar links
  • Updated & Fixed some links in Sitemap
  • Fixed Control Menu from shifting past the border to the left on a larger width.
  • Fixed HTML Builder icon on "Even More" page displaying the wrong icon.
  • All pages will redirect "now supported" IE 8 to the new classic version. Older versions will be redirected to a block page.
  • Added Parallax Tilt to the images in Themes page.
  • "Themes Page" and "Even More" page themes updated.
  • All themes have been updated and a couple fixed.
v6.21 Tue Apr 11 Year 2017 Time 10:46:53 pm
  • Fixed "Even More Page" Slider was shifted to the right on IE 10 & 11.
  • Fixed Dark Black & Dark Red Theme not displaying some titles in "Even More Page"
  • IE 9 when entering "Even More Page" get's directed to Sitemap instead: Browser is too old to run that slider.
  • Added link to SearchThat logo on Classic search to go back to Classic home page.
v6.20 Tue Apr 11 Year 2017 Time 10:46:53 pm
  • Updated drop down menu by adding Even more button with 4 more tool links.
  • Created More.html page: Not my best of work but get's to the point.
  • Created Classic.html: This will work on IE 8 and anything up from there.
  • Still need to do some work. This update is not complete...
v6.19 Fri Apr 7 Year 2017 Time 12:55:53 pm
  • Added "More" button to drop down menu: Some links are still being built.
  • Fixed icons on drop down not forwarding to it's locations on IOS devices.
  • Both header and footer navigation bars text was changed from 12px to 13px text size.
  • Added Tools.html page: Shows all tools and information about them.
  • Updated Deadlink.html : Not important but updated anyways.
  • Added Voice Recognition to main page only for now.
  • This voice option only works on Chrome versions 22 and up. Will not work on any other browser that's not Chrome based.
  • To use this feature. Click the mic icon and approve it and choose your mic.
  • This should now stay approved for the next time you want to use it.
  • Currently working on pages for Classic & More Links...
v6.18 Wed Apr 5 Year 2017 Time 7:51:50 pm
  • This update is for the main home page only:
  • Added top bar: Has a drop down similar to Googles but completely different code.
  • Gives you kind of the feel of Google but without Google.
  • Removed Control Panel on certain width: Still available on mobile widths.
  • Fixed the annoying input box's jumping to the left on load up: Reason why it did that is because it was still loading the css code.
  • So it's still doing it, but the site has a time limit to display the page.
  • So in theory it should all be loaded before you see the page unless you are that guy with a slow internet connection and you will see the issue when time is up to display the page.
  • Autocomplete has been tweaked a bit.
  • NOTE TO GOOGLE: If the UI is to similar to your site just let me know. I can always change it.
  • No hard feelings EH?
v6.17 Tue Mar 28 Year 2017 Time 9:36:06 pm
  • URL Shortener has been updated: Fixed an issue with mobile not copying the short link. Now has a copy button.
v6.16 Tue Mar 14 Year 2017 Time 10:28:56 pm
  • Added Tooltop to news page icons on sidebar for desktop.
  • Added to the URLs. This should correct a lot of issues for other search engine crawlers finding the correct link for indexing the site pages.
  • The original link will work just fine. (
  • From the looks of it. This also fixed firefox cursor issue on Search It Yourself.
  • Tweaked searchbar close button so it's more easy to click/tap.
  • Mobile standalone app short name changed to: Mobile Search.
v6.15 Sun Mar 12 Year 2017 Time 2:38:18 pm
  • Added KissAnime Searchbar on Main page.
  • Added Google Maps Searchbar on Main page.
  • Added Tooltip on Mainpage to explain what icons are what also on the footer links for both mobile and main pages.
  • Fixed theme on mobile page: Forgot to add the script.
v6.14 Wed Mar 8 Year 2017 Time 2:18:29 am
  • Added mobile page: Reduce size for faster loads.
  • This has just the main search and no menu. It will link up to it's own search page (when built).
  • Meantime it's using the main site search.
  • I made up my mind. I'm not going to support older browsers. They are blocked.
  • If you like to see the page click here or use IE 5,6,7,8: blocked.html
  • Mobile has it's own standalone app. This means you can now have two app-like versions of the site on Android/iOS
  • Find out more about standalone in the help page by clicking here: help.html
v6.13 Tue Mar 7 Year 2017 Time 2:19:58 pm
  • Everything is back to normal.
  • Fixed Searchbar for results.
  • Tweaked the searchresults.
  • Themes updated.
v6.12 Mon Mar 6 Year 2017 Time 9:30:08 pm
  • Having some issues with Google's API service. They did some changes and the input search box is messed up a bit. Fixed it the best I can on my side.
  • I'm sure they are aware of the issue. I'll keep a eye out if anything changes.
  • If it still looks screwed up, just refresh and should update the changes.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience...
v6.11 Sun Feb 26 Year 2017 Time 11:13:18 pm
  • Added IMDB Search Bar
  • Added Twitter Search Bar
  • Added Dark Red Theme
  • Added Ash Theme: (Search First, Think Never) + Wallpaper were created by the fans of Bruce Campbell Fan Club on facebook.
  • Also moved the Logo and Search bar down a bit so it's not in Bruce Campbell's face on that theme only.
  • Main page: loading speed has improved a bit:
  • If you think structure and integrity of the site looks broken when loading it's because it needs to load the scripts to run the features on that page.
  • Updated Dark Back Theme, Midnight Blue Theme
v6.10 Sat Feb 25 Year 2017 Time 12:09:14 am
  • Rebuilt the Input slider on the main page: This fixes all bugs.
v6.09 Thu Feb 23 Year 2017 Time 6:59:48 pm
  • I brought back 2004 blackbox search in a more modern and best way possible.
  • You can now choose what input you want to search on from the main page.
  • Example: choose the YouTube search bar and it will forward your search right to YouTube without a need for a search engine.
  • Best part is: the autocomplete menu for YouTube search bar is set for YouTube only.
  • That makes it more easy to get the correct results you need for YouTube without being on YouTube.
  • If something looks messed up just refresh or use the refresh in the control panel to force the browser to update.
  • Known bugs: When using the slider it might disable the autocomplete and control panel menu when you lap the inputs meaning (keep pushing the button left or right) If that happens just refresh or go back the way you went. I'm trying to fix it but no luck.
v6.08 Thu Feb 23 Year 2017 Time 12:03:07 am
  • Upgraded the autocomplete menu on the main page.
  • I have an idea that will bring back blackbox search in a good way.
  • Will see how it goes, but it might change the way you search for the better on the main page.
v6.07 Sat Feb 18 Year 2017 Time 4:26:20 pm
  • Badge page logos now tilt when you hover over them.
  • Added news pages in control menu.
  • Added news navigation page: shows all news types on
  • Added icons to sitemap
  • Added news navigation on search page sidebar at top.
  • Tweaked top nav bar text font to be a bit bigger.
  • Tweaked search (web and image) buttons to be a bit wider.
  • Fixed input search bar padding right on smaller devices: That will let you see more on what you type in.
  • Fixed bug were firefox created a transparent box overlay from control panel when forwarding to a page then back.
v6.06 Fri Feb 17 Year 2017 Time 10:51:49 pm
  • Fixed Control Panel text alignment issue to the icons.
  • Dark Back Theme Updated for credit page only.
  • Added Placeholder Typewriter: This will start displaying a message on the input field of the in 3min time.
v6.05 Tue Feb 7 Year 2017 Time 12:20:56 pm
  • Fixed To Do List duplication bug: Issues with jQuery Core conflicting with Control Panel and To Do List.
  • Using jQuery Migrate 1.4.0 resolved the issue. Fixed Tools Large Clock: Fixed on themes.
  • Fixed Changelog Link Colours.
  • Added Screen Size Tester Full Screen Page: This will give you a correct Width/Height on your Desktop or Device.
  • Tweaked Footer On Main Page: Made the font abit smaller and the footer bar.
  • Themes: Dark Black Theme is now available to use.
  • Tweaked Themes page.
v6.04 Mon Feb 6 Year 2017 Time 10:59:14 pm
  • Added Footer On Main Page.
  • Changed (Master Menu) to (Control Panel).
  • Changed Icons In Control Panel.
v6.03 Thu Feb 2 Year 2017 Time 11:57:23 pm
  • Added To Do List: You can now create a list on local storage.
  • Fixed font size to 16px: This fixes the zoom to input issues with safari mobile or chrome.
v6.02 Thu Feb 2 Year 2017 Time 11:57:23 pm
  • Fixed Firefox moz-selection
  • Upgraded Tools Calculator.
  • Added: Digital Font to Calculator,Counter Watch, Stop Watch.
  • Added: Parallax Tilt to main and search yourself logo ( logo.
v6.01 Fri Feb 3 Year 2017 Time 9:19:05 pm
  • Fixed An issue that some mobile devices would create a paradox on the input in the page.
  • This created overlapping text and two close buttons.
  • Fixed An issue with Temperature Converter link in the Master Menu.
  • Removed Copyright and version number on the and searchyourself.html.
  • Added Refresh on all pages in the Master Menu.
  • Blending Blue theme complete. You can now use it. Refresh may be needed.
  • Currently working on Classic Page for IE 7 to 9 Only.
v6.00 SUN JAN 29 YEAR 2017 TIME 7:57:08 PM
  • Massive Update.
  • Template has been rebuilt.
  • The Master Menu is still the same because it works great.
  • The site no longer supports older browsers. No more IE 8 or 9 they are now blocked.
  • They will have a message that pops up and tells them to use the classic version that supports older browsers.
  • I did this to add modern code to make the site responsive to any size with a push menu and the ability to add more features in the future.
  • Added: More links to the top nav bar.
  • Added: The ability to clear text in the search bars.
  • Added: The search engine on all pages.
  • Added: Better column structure.
  • Added: Diapering header bar that pops up when you scroll up a bit.
  • Added: Sidebar, The sidebar can now be used for anything in the future. (Only shows on a certain size.)
  • Added: Ad on bottom of the footer. Yes an ad. Please don't block it. It's not in the way and will will disappear when you scroll and popup when you are at the bottom of the page. This is the best way to have an ad on a site without driving someone nuts.
  • This site makes no money but it needs to now. I put in $360 to keep this running.
  • Updated: Navigation Jumper.
  • For mobile will have buttons at the top to let you jump to sections.
  • For desktop may be in the sidebar.
  • Updated: HTML Builder Now will auto save using local storage on the browser. Don't rely on it just in case it wont save. Save as exporting it as code and save in notepad or Notepad++
  • It has more features like importing other codes.
  • Updated: Most icons as text font icons.
  • Updated: News feeds. Sports will have lots of sources of sports in one page. Same goes for other news types.
  • Updated: Search It Yourself. Now you can copy to clipboard without the need to highlight the text and Auto Complete Added.
  • Updated: All tools. All tools other then: Color Picker, Color Picker, Master Gradient Color Picker will be available on mobile.
  • Fixed: 1MB File Encrypter Icons from not showing.
  • Improved the way you navigate and improved the UI design on all pages.
  • Notes: Themes are not working yet until V6.01. Need to style them online.
  • Fixed some issues when adding new version online for testing.
v5.06 THU FEB 11 YEAR 2016 TIME 9:20:35 PM
  • All page coloumns redirect to main home page instead of the mobile page. (desktopmain.html)
  • Removed Back To News & Back To Tools buttons.
  • Removed Back To Top on tool pages only.
  • Pages Removed: Tool Page, Classic Desktop Search, Classic Mobile Search
  • Removed text-shadow on Intro
v5.05 WED JAN 27 YEAR 2016 TIME 9:17:11 PM
  • Autocomplete Menu has been added to the desktop main home page.
  • Suggestions are still being built and will continue to be made.
  • Midnight Blue Theme now has it's own icon set.
  • Added Q-News to News page at the top.
  • Currency Converter API Expired so for now I forward the link to another well known Currency Converter from Google Finance.
v5.00 THU DEC 31 YEAR 2015 TIME 12:31:27 PM
  • Added dotmatrix background to midnight grey theme.
  • (refresh on theme will be needed unless you are new or on a tablet or device)
  • Added missing Currency Converter link to tools page.
v4.26 WED DEC 16 YEAR 2015 TIME 12:30:24 PM
  • Fixed fastlinks page freezing on htc phones.
  • Fixed themes on Counter Watch page.
  • Moved themes to master menu instead of on the top bar.
  • Added Facebook | Youtube | Twitter to the top bar.
  • Added Currency Converter.
  • Added Screen Size Tester.
  • Removed Mobile Pixel Grid. Screen Size Tester is way better.
  • New Theme: Midnight Purple.
  • To select the theme: Click/tap the site logo to view the master menu
  • Updated Tools page & Sitemap page.
  • Updated the green theme logo.
  • Updated the red theme logo.
  • Updated the themes page.
v4.25 SAT DEC 5 YEAR 2015 TIME 8:13:24 PM
  • New Theme: Midnight Green.
  • Fixed link and download icon in Default theme.
  • Red theme has a darker background look.
v4.24 THU DEC 3 YEAR 2015 TIME 4:38:04 PM
  • Had to rebuild the news feed java script. Google messed up the API. The API is now running through yahoo.
    News feeds have been restored.
  • Note: The Classic search images / news & videos is not working.
  • I am aware of it. This is another API issue from Google I'm trying to fix...Not the first time.
  • Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
  • Working on building a green theme. This will be available in Themes On v4.25
v4.23 TUE NOV 24 YEAR 2015 TIME 11:38:56
  • Added Counter watch in Tools. "May Not Work On All browsers" This requires more than what most browsers have.
  • Tested on:
  • Firefox 41.0.2 (*Works*) | Five Star *****
  • Google Chrome 46.0.2490.86 m (*Works*) | Five Star *****
  • Opera 33.0 (*Works*) | Five Star *****
  • Comodo Dragon (*Works Without Alarm Sound*) | Three Star ***
  • Safari 5.1.7 7534.57.2 (*Grim Alarm only works "Broken*) | One Star *
  • Wii U NetFront NX3 v4.3.0.11224 (*Broken*) | No stars
  • Mobile Phones, Xbox, Playstation are untested.
  • Themes updated and one fixed.
  • Scroll bar changed.
  • Drag color changed.
  • Tweaked Master Menu categories.
  • In Plugins page add info about Search It Yourself and Counter Watch.
  • Changed the Autocomplete menu background.
v4.22 TUE NOV 10 YEAR 2015 TIME 11:47:30 PM
  • Cleaned up some code.
  • Fixed small errors.
  • Added Midnight Red Theme.
  • Added Search It Yourself, All tools to the Master Menu.
  • Quick news on service bar now called Q-News and added Themes link.
  • Also changed Set as home page to Set Homepage on the service bar.
  • Added more news search box's to Box Search
  • Updated theme page. All icons on default theme changed to Midnight Blue.
v4.21 MON NOV 2 YEAR 2015 TIME 12:03:15 PM
  • Themes changed.
  • Blending Blue v2.0 is out.
  • Removed theme black & red and changed it to grey.
  • Added Search it yourself. You can find it in Sitemap or click here.
v4.20 MON NOV 2 YEAR 2015 TIME 12:00:53 PM
  • Big Update.
  • Added top bar on all pages.
  • Added most of all web pages in the Master Menu except for news and tool pages.
  • Added lightweight search bar on all pages. It communicates with SearchThat Desktop Version.
  • Added About Page
  • Added Badge Page
  • Added Box Search Page (Still working on it)
  • Added News Quick.
  • Added to MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, Soccer, Sports Top Headlines Now runs both ESPN and CBC Sports Feeds.
    Added more sports news,
  • Added CBC Curling, CFL, Figure Skating to sports news.
  • CBC, ABC, BBC added to all World RSS feeds.
  • Added hover transition on desktop main buttons.
  • Changed Fav Icon. Thats the browser tab icon.
  • Changed The Hotlink/Thumb Icon. When you share a link on Facebook or any other sites that request a icon to go with the title and description, this is it.
  • You can view it here if you like: Hotlink Thumb SearchThat Desktop Search Bar will work better with smaller screens like mobile's or tablets.
  • Fixed hover on Master Menu.
  • Themes Updated to new changes.
  • G-map not out yet. Still working on it. It will be out next update.
v4.18 SUN SEPT 27 YEAR 2015 TIME 3:41:26 PM
  • Fixed some issues from the last update.
  • I'm still getting aggressive browser cache issues on the desktop browsers. This is bad news for the logo.
v4.17 SAT SEPT 26 YEAR 2015 TIME 6:16:45 PM
  • Added: URL Shortner to tools.
  • URL Shortener is a tool that allows you to shorten a URL, get long url from a short url or get short url info using Google URL Shortener API
  • Plugins page talks about what the plugins are and how to use them.
  • All tool pages now have a question mark on the right to find out how to use the tools or find out more information about them.
  • Note: The logo changes on all browsers but chrome. I don't know the deal with that yet but I'm investigating it.
  • Created a Facebook page called:
  • This page will give you up to date information on what's going to be added, problems, and updates of this change log.
v4.16 FRI SEPT 23 YEAR 2015 TIME 2:49:13 PM
  • Changed cache-control again. I'm hoping it's fixed for sure. It was good for mobile and tablet browsers but the desktop browsers were still caching the images and site data and not updating on refresh.
  • (F5) was still the option for desktop browsers.
  • If these meta tags work fine I can change the logo "Only for default theme only"
  • Added Themes link to the Menu on all pages.
  • Removed border on change log column banner.
v4.15 FRI SEPT 18 YEAR 2015 TIME 10:11:45 PM
  • Changed the UI colors a bit on the normal theme. It's more white.
  • Added: Unit Converter to tools.
  • Unit Converter, Converts angles, area, distance, fluid volume, mass, speed, temperature, and time all on one page.
  • Added: Autosave Message to tools.
  • Auto save Message automatically saves the draft versions of your content within the specified time to local storage and can restore them as you accidentally close or refresh the current page.
  • Theme's updated.
v4.14 TUE AUG 28 YEAR 2015 TIME 6:38:25 PM
  • Added More NASA news. New pages:
  • NASA 360
  • NASACast
  • Chandra X-Ray Observatory
  • NASA Edge
  • NASA Kepler Mission
  • NASA Solar System: Curiosity Rover Reports
  • NASA What's Up?
  • NASA X
v4.13 TUE AUG 26 YEAR 2015 TIME 1:27:39 PM
  • QR Code Generator Added again.
  • Added tools button to Desktop Main.
  • Updated themes for QR Code Generator and fixed Desktop Main logo on media all and (max-width:640px)
  • Added Color picker Master.
  • Added Calculator.
  • Updated Themes for new changes.
v4.12 SAT AUG 22 YEAR 2015 TIME 1:08:13 AM
  • Fixed mobile classic search images. It wouldn't show because of java script conflicts with the side menu.
  • So I turned the side menu on that page to a "go back button" to redirect you to the mobile main page.
  • New theme available in themes. (Black Theme)
  • Mobile Pixel Grid is now available in Tools.
v4.11 MON JUNE 01 YEAR 2015 TIME 2:57:38 PM
  • Added search page links and other links to the master menu on all pages but search pages.
  • Tweaked the colors on basic white theme.
  • Fixed: (Media "Screen Size To Small To View. It's time to upgrade you're device!) color on blendingblue theme.
v4.10 TUE MAR 17 YEAR 2015 TIME 6:43:48 PM
  • Changed "Mobile" theme to white.
  • The dark blue theme will be a theme globally across the mobile and desktop versions soon.
  • Changed the "Change Log" columns.
  • Removed the search column from "Mobile Main"
  • Fixed headline names on (Back To Tools) button.
  • Site Maps page created.
  • Large Clock page created.
  • Themes page created.
  • BlendingBlue Theme added to Themes page.
v4.07 WED FEB 25 YEAR 2015 TIME 2:57:38 PM
  • Changed fastlinks icon.
  • Desktop Edition is the main domain link.
  • 90% of mobile users will be redirected to the mobile from the desktop version.
  • HTC users may need to tap Mobile button from the Desktop Edition or use this link instead:
v4.06 SUN FEB 15 YEAR 2015 TIME 2:40:54 PM
  • Fixed "Back To Top" bar on all tool pages
  • Added Gradient Color Picker
  • Added HTML Builder
  • Added 1 MB File Encrypter
  • Added Text Encrypter
  • Added Name Generator
  • Added Temperature Converter
  • Added Text Flipper
  • Code Cleaning on site pages for faster loading times.
v4.05 TUE FEB 10 YEAR 2015 TIME 8:07:48 PM
  • Added MD5 Avatar Generator
  • Added Color Picker.
v4.04 MON FEB 9 YEAR 2015 TIME 8:21:13 PM
  • Fixed Sports News Icons.
  • Fixed "Back To Top" button text color.
  • Disabled Master Menu for now.
  • Rearrange Menu links.
  • Logo Replaced.
  • Animation Speed Increase.
  • Code Cleaning.
  • Tools Page Added.
  • Stop Watch Added.
v4.03 MON FEB 2 YEAR 2015 TIME 8:27:38 PM
  • desktop main and basic no longer exists. The mobile UI is the main UI now.
  • For the tools and other features the desktop version had, will be brought to this UI.
  • Remember mobile users, some of the tools I add may not work for you
  • Please wait for the tools. I am working on adding them ATM.
v4.02 FRI JAN 30 YEAR 2015 TIME 12:25:02 AM
  • Added sports news.
v4.01 TUE JAN 27 YEAR 2015 TIME 12:55:25 AM
  • Bug and error fixes for the mobile update:
  • Fixed the layout on the change log page.
  • Tweaked both modern and classic search bars.
  • Tweaked the 404 not found page.
  • Some bugs needed to be fixed in the style sheets.
v4.00 MON JAN 26 YEAR 2015 TIME 8:05:57 PM
  • SearchThat Mobile is rebuilt to the new layout.
v3.10 FRI DEC 26 YEAR 2014 TIME 10:08:01 PM
  • Change the browser favicon Change the mobile app icon. Reinstall Mobile.apk Changed the url link icon.
v3.09 TUE DEC 16 YEAR 2014 TIME 5:30:53 PM
  • All links from main site will redirect you to the same pages for mobile. Example: gamepreviews.html
  • Will redirect you to gamepreviews.html
  • This listing is for mobile news feeds: "Added" RecipeTips, TheKitchn, Buzzfeed Images, Flickr Images, Comedy Jokes. Changelog added to other page.
v3.08 MON DEC 15 YEAR 2014 TIME 10:31:13 PM
  • Autocomplete is now at (1238) suggestions and counting.
  • Some links changed places on the header and footer bar.
  • Added searchthat logo to the "next page" on search results. Background "smoke" has color to it now.
  • Basic headbar is black & grey text. Easy to see.
  • Rebuilt the into on the main page when you click the logo.
  • You can view it here if you like, Intro Large Clock added, Just click the top right clock to enter page.
  • Fast news added to modern site only.
  • Click "NEWS" at the top bar or fast news in the menu.
v3.07 TUE DEC 9 YEAR 2014 TIME 12:52:19 PM
  • Small tweaks.
  • Nothing that interesting and as always adding more autocompletes to the modern search.
  • Nothing that interesting and as always adding more autocompletes to the modern search.
  • Changed buttons and logo to make the site look more colorful on Basic, Main and Mobile.
  • Added @media screen to the basic version. This will resize font-size: 90% when the screen hits max-width: 65em
v3.06 SUN NOV 16 YEAR 2014 TIME 3:59:44 AM
  • MD5 Avatar Generator lets you create 8 bit thumbnail images for profiles. Simple, just type something in and right click to save to desktop.
  • Check it out here: MD5 Avatar Generator Theme Selector (All themes will be added to mobile)
  • You just need to test if your mobile browser can support css3 gradients, If not stick to the basic themes.
  • WARNING: Theme Selector will not support Safari Changes all input fields in Tools. AKA (Text Boxes) Theme Selector is ready for new themes.
  • Themes page now has a column for the selectors.
  • All themes fixed and tweaked. Tool Menu fixed in fastlinks.
  • Fixed the themes on HTML Editor in Tools / Developer Tools.
  • Footer Bar fixed again. Added back to news button in mobile news categories.
  • Tweaked mobile themes page.
  • Tools / Apps / MD5 Avatar Generator Purple Day Theme Added.
v3.05 WED NOV 12 YEAR 2014 TIME 11:41:45 PM
  • Moved Site version to footer on main page.
  • Mastermenu triggers to push the footer bar fixed. Mastermenu bottom logo fixed.
v3.04 TUE NOV 11 YEAR 2014 TIME 3:10:00 AM
  • I removed Image slideshow because it just didn't seem like it fits for
  • Load time will be increased to 20% more with it removed.
  • Modern search url copy lets you search for something and you can copy that link and send it out to your friends.
  • Example: This will show you images of Butterflies,
  • Looks more clean and the themes are updated.
v3.03 MON NOV 3 YEAR 2014 TIME 8:07:11 PM
  • This update is incomplete but is active to use.
  • Fastlinks page will be the largest page that will ever have.
  • Fastlinks is going to get 17 times bigger.
  • This page will hold one of the largest library's of site links in the world! Right now it's at 1602 lines of code and it will approximately be at: 27234 lines of code.
  • I might need to compress the page for better load times.
  • Removed fastlinks from the master menu to increase load time on pages.
  • Quick links removed. Removed, For best search results on modern search only on modern site version.
  • Moved things around in the master menu. Changed the normal theme a little darker.
  • Fixed Master Menu for firefox.
  • Fastlinks page has been added but still in build mode. Homepage "how too" has been added to the header.
  • Links at the top bar has been added. Image slideshow been added to main page. Added food Recipes, The Kitchn and added Comedy Jokes to the news. modern website only for now.
v3.02 WED OCT 22 YEAR 2014 TIME 3:53:00 AM
  • Themes need more code yet for Safari Browser. I am still working on that. Please wait Safari users.
  • Removed main page wallpaper from all other pages. (unnecessary load).
  • Themes updated to new changes.
  • Quick Links Flip Panels Fixed.
  • Images in about repaired.
  • Themes been fixed. Classic search engine image bug is now fixed.
  • Version color fixed at bottom of main page.
  • Added page background logo Updated classic search engine background for the new page logo.
  • Added color shadow to themes.
v3.01 FRI OCT 17 YEAR 2014 TIME 9:32:34 PM
  • I added more theme selector names to the list like:
  • Dragon, Halloween, Christmas, Contrast. I am going to make a Dragon theme and Basic Contrast to make buttons another color for the Normal UI.
  • Themes Updated to new changes.
  • Master Menu transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out; is now 0.7s to make the transition smoother.
  • Back to top on basic is now on the left. Name Generator text is center.
  • All buttons in tools changed.
  • Some small minor tweaks have been fixed.
  • Added another 448 autocomplete suggestions to the search menu.
  • Wan't to suggest some send me a message. Fixed stop watch height.
  • Fixed text flip name on modern version.
  • Version text added to both Modern and Basic at the bottom left.
  • Share to is added at the bottom right. Shopping Sites has been added to Master Menu.
v3.00 SAT OCT 11 YEAR 2014 TIME 2:00:39 PM
  • Massive Update New search has a Autocomplete Menu for fast searching.
  • All themes are updated to the new changes.
  • Make sure you refresh on the theme you are using to reset any cache-control Mobile Version is untested until this version is uploaded to the server.
  • v3.01 might be repairs.
  • Removed old button layout on:Mobile,Basic,Modern.
  • Mobile Buttons Changed Default theme is grey and white now Changed the UI look of mobile.
  • Master Menu on Modern Version has more fast links and rearranged on all pages.
  • Search Basic Buttons Changed Search Basic has more options pages for clean UI look.
  • Fixed some tool element buttons.
  • Mobile News Added
  • Mobile Fast links Added
  • Mobile Flashlight Added
  • Mobile About Added Mobile
  • Tools Added Donate Added
  • New Search is now the default search Old search is now called "Classic Search"
  • Basic Rainbow Theme Added.
v2.15 TUE SEP 23 YEAR 2014 TIME 7:47:02 PM
  • Still working on the news for mobile. I have been tweaking it's performance and UI look.
  • Updated all themes to the new changes. Refresh if your browser has not updated it.
  • Fixed about page information column.
  • Changed the main page to Autumn. All search bars have been updated for the search button other than basic search version.
v2.10 MON SEP 22 YEAR 2014 TIME 1:24:35 AM
  • News and fast links will be added next update.
  • Mobile now added. Auto redirect is in action for mobile on detect or screen size.
v2.08 TUE SEP 16 YEAR 2014 TIME 10:41:29 PM
  • Meta caching data and revalidate is working great.
  • Themes have been updated to the new changes.
  • About page is now added. The MIT License (MIT) has been added for legal reasons.
v2.06 MON SEP 15 YEAR 2014 TIME 3:38:55 PM
  • This change should fix the browsers from caching data and revalidate. This means you can now see this message without refreshing.
  • Changed Meta Tags. Spiders can now crawl through the entire site.
v2.05 SUN SEP 14 YEAR 2014 TIME 5:13:21 PM
  • You will no longer need to go to userstyles for themes.
  • Site themes built right in.
  • Not all themes will work if you are using old browsers.
  • Basic is built for the older ones.
  • Computer browsers are still caching site cookies and not updating without refreshing.
  • That will still need to be done till i figure out why it's doing it.
  • Make sure you do that always on this page.
  • If you do than you will know what pages have changes.
  • The Blue, Black, Red Night themes removed the clock on all pages other than the main page.
  • Cleaned my css codes and some html pages.
  • Minor tweaks have been done to the site like: swapping out the clock on the main page.
  • All pages have been modified!
  • Fixed the hover issue on google chrome.
  • More themes added. Theme pages have been added.
v2.00 SUN SEP 7 YEAR 2014 TIME 9:14:23 PM
  • Hover effect on search images bug out in google chrome.
  • It's a browser bug google needs to fix. I'll add a patch to userstyles if you want to install it.
  • Master UI works on all browsers.
  • Rebuilt the template. Everything is now in float mode and easier to navigate.
  • You can now change the template colors.
  • It will add a small cookie to your browser, so the next time you get on it will select that theme until you disable it or remove the cookie.
v1.14 FRI AUG 29 YEAR 2014 TIME 1:16:22 PM
  • Changed Logo to a more professional looking logo.
  • Quotations added to main page. Gives you something new to look at!
v1.13 MON AUG 25 YEAR 2014 TIME 1:26:15 PM
  • Still working on more quick link categories. Please wait.
  • I am still having issues with browser cache control on computers. Mobile devices have no issues.
  • Learn about Browser Cache Control Here!
  • Columns in Gears now have border-radius and box shadows.
  • Black, Blue, Red themes have been updated to the sites changes.
  • SearchBlackBox has been added to "Menu" Black, Blue, Red themes have been added to Themes Page.
  • Site clock has been enlarged and added to "Gears" under (Clock Date)
v1.11 TUE AUG 19 YEAR 2014 TIME 2:09:31 PM
  • Getting ready for adding themes.
  • All pages unlocked.
  • Rebuilt my meta tags on all pages.
  • Social Links now opened, same goes with themes page.
v1.10 SAT AUG 16 YEAR 2014 TIME 10:31:28 PM
  • More QuickLinks will come.
  • Unlocked Video & Streaming Sites in QuickLinks only.
  • QuickLinks Video & Streaming Sites.
v1.08 FRI AUG 15 YEAR 2014 TIME 1:20:50 AM
  • Getting site ready for quick links.
  • Gears and RSS News from main search.
  • Some buttons have been fixed.
  • Main page created. Menu added to main search and main page.
v1.06 WED AUG 13 YEAR 2014 TIME 10:50:46 PM
  • Changed RSS page & Gears Page.
v1.05 SUN AUG 10 YEAR 2014 TIME 8:10:59 PM
  • Still bugs with older browsers. I am working on a solution to fix this.
  • Removed older logo.
  • Changed font type.
  • Header location and width fix, logo location tweaked, borders, box shadows and size of buttons all fixed moved and tweaked.
  • CSS3 gradient and box-shadow UI look.
v1.00 Fri Aug 8 Year 2014 Time 8:36:52 pm
  • Creation Of