Product Copyright (c) License Name Website Other Information Plugin Page
    Site Links 2016 No License MrLoh GitHub N/A safari-speeddial
    Weather 2016 Francis Moisan License frankmoisan N/A N/A weatherizer
    Browser Info 2016 Apache License Contributors TransferWise Ltd Licence Added Plugin Page
    Autosave Message 2014 MIT License geniuscarrier GitHub N/A Autosave Form Content
    Swiper Slider 2017 MIT License OwlCarousel2 GitHub v1.3.2 OWL Carousel
    ata Slider 2014 MIT License nolimits4web GitHub N/A Mobile Touch Slider
    Windows 10 Navigation Box 2015/2017 MIT License Chris Deacy Codepen A 'navigation box' inspired by the Windows 10 Start Menu. Navigation Box
    Responsive Slider 2014 MIT License kamem Github N/A Responsive Slider
    Parallax Tilt 2016 MIT License Gijs Rogé Github N/A Tilt.js
    Clear X 2015 No License Roko C. Buljan Clear text N/A StackoverFlow
    Infinite Content Slider 2015 MIT License Alexander Matsevich a-matsevich N/A infiniteSlider2
    Google Suggest 2015 No License Haochi Chen Haochi Chen N/A jquery.googleSuggest
    Placeholder Typewriter 2011 No License Bjoern Diekert bdiekert Bjoern Diekert Tweaked the coding just for SearchThat.net
    Stay on the http://searchthat.net page for 3min to see it autotype in the search bar.
    To-do List 2011 N/A Koes Bong koesbong N/A Sortable and Editable To-do List
    CSS Liquid Layout 2016 Usage Terms Dynamic Drive Dynamic Drive N/A CSS Liquid Layout
    3 Column Responsive Layout N/A N/A Graham Clark Codepen N/A 3 Column Responsive Layout
    Clipboard 2017 MIT License Zeno Rocha Zeno Rocha N/A clipboardjs
    Color Picker 2010 MIT License Christopher T. Tillman John Dyers' website N/A Color Picker
    Gradient Color Picker 2013 MIT License Avinash D’Silva Codologic and other contributors N/A GradX
    Encrypt Message 2013 MIT License Yannick Albert Yannick Albert N/A Base64
    1 MB File Encrypter November 6th, 2013 None Martin Angelov tutorialzine More information found here: ABOUT SITE PLUGINS File Encryption
    Stop Watch Can't Find Original Date. MIT License eMeLPe WebDesign eMeLPe WebDesign N/A Can't Find Post
    Password Generator 2013 Never Came With One shouvikchatterjee shouvikchatterjee N/A pwdMeter
    Name Generator 2012 License Gary H. Wilson Gary H. Wilson N/A Weird Name Generator
    QR Code Generator Unknown None Unknown Kaywa QR Code No information Found From Script Creator.
    HTML Builder 2013 GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE TinyMCE, Fatih Koca [email protected] N/A TinyMCE
    ºF or ºC Converter 2013 MIT License SearchThat.net SearchThat.net N/A None
    Text Flipper Unknown Unknown Unknown UpsideDownText Unknown Unknown
    Clock 2009 MIT License SearchThat.net SearchThat.net N/A None
    Flat Design UI Components 2013 License w3layouts Website N/A GraphicBurger
    Flati Social Share Feb 3, 2014 Unknown Anand Roshan Website Unknown Multi-Level Push Menu
    MD5 Avatar Generator Sep 16 GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007 croger46 Website N/A Ninjatar
    Colorpicker Master 2011-2015 MIT License Martijn W. van der Lee Martijn W N/A Colorpicker Master
    Calculator 2014 No Licence idesi John Dyers' website N/A Calculator
    UnitConverter Aug 15 LICENSE.md honzi http://honzi.cz/ UnitConverter.htm GitHub
    jQuery autoSave version": "1.0.3 MIT License Yang Zhao http://www.geniuscarrier.com/about/ N/A geniuscarrier
    URL Shortener Aug 5th 2013 MIT-License.txt Ravishanker Kusuma Hayageek URL Shortener API
    RSS News Feed Jan 22, 2014 MIT License enginkizil FeedEk FeedEk
    Search It Yourself lmgtfy lmgtfy lmgtfy Still waiting for a response to fully keep it on the site.
    They may want it removed.
    Counter Watch April 28th, 2015 None Danny Markov jonthornton-jquery-timepicker
    Experiment: Material Design Stopwatch, Alarm and Timer
    Screen Size Tester 2014 MIT License rse jquery-stage N/A jquery-stage